Our Mission

Helping Kids!
We have two areas of focus:

US Careers Development & US Agriculture

Who and How we serve

We partner with young adults needing assistance to pay for education and assist start-ups and early-phase entrepreneurs with grants and business coaching. Some examples would be:

– College alternative based learning
– Trade Schools Grants
– Business Equipment Loans and Grants
– Coaching & Consulting
– Start-Up Seed Money
– Staff Augmentation

About Us

Mark and Anne Lackey have bootstrapped over 10 businesses. Some successful, others turned into life lessons that they love to share.

For over 15 years, they have been active in Georgia High School DECA for years and founded HireSmart Cares to extend their reach and impact. After reading hundreds of kids' entrepreneurial business plans, there were several they wanted to invest in and help—now they can!

HireSmart Cares, Inc, an IRS registered 501c3, was founded in 2021 with the goal to “Equip the Next Generation”. Originally started to help sustain careers in agriculture, it became clear the need was larger. Students needed different opportunities and so we refined the mission to “Helping Kids” and we segmented the focus into two areas.

US Career Development – We wanted to educate and promote alternatives to college

US Agriculture – Like you, we like to eat, so we need to entice young people to keep the local community farms

You can learn more about our recent projects and initiatives by going to Latest News.

If you would like to help our mission grow, please feel free to donate to this worthy cause here.
You can direct your contributions and our matching funds to either of the two areas or you can select – greatest need. You will get a receipt for your donation to use on your taxes for charitable contributions.
Latest News