When a home burns to the ground, there’s the loss of both past and future — the memories and the plans — along with a disorienting plunge into a chaotic present for families who escape the blaze minus all their belongings.  

Day or night, it’s a nightmare. 

Unfortunately, such tragedies are all too common. And we can’t help every suffering family. We don’t have that power. But here at HireSmart Cares, we do what we can to make life better for as many as possible.  

HireSmart’s primary philanthropic focus is helping kids build a good life through a variety of vocational and agricultural scholarships and initiatives, but our nonprofit also focuses on helping people rebuild their lives, whether it’s with assistance for the local food bank or providing aid for families struggling after natural disasters, as we did when we helped 31 Filipino families after Typhoon Rai in 2021. 

HireSmart answered the call again recently when one of its Filipino employees and her family lost their home in a devastating fire.  

“Our home was engulfed in flames, resulting in the destruction of our belongings, cherished memories, and a place we once called our safe haven,” the employee said. “The fire spread rapidly, leaving us with nothing on our backs and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty about our future.” 

HireSmart jumped in with financial assistance to help the employee and her family in their recovery.  

The grateful employee said assistance in a time of need restores “our faith in humanity and gives us the strength to move forward.” 

“Words cannot express the gratitude we feel,” the employee said. “Your kindness and compassion make an immense difference in our lives and bring hope where it is desperately needed.”